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The Wall and the Mobile Phone. Organising, Governing, Resisting

in Giovanna Sonda, Claudio Coletta, Francesco Gabbi (eds.) Urban Plots, Organizing Cities. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 23-34. .

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Lines, barred lines. Movement, territory and the law

International Journal of Law in Context, 6,3 pp. 217–227 (2010) Cambridge University Press . In this paper an attempt is made to analyse the complex relationship between law, territory and movement. Beginning with a quick overview of the notion of property, the paper suggests that this legal notion represents a way of imagining the […]

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On Territorology. Towards a General Science of Territory

Theory, Culture & Society, Vol. 27(1): 52–72, March 2010 . The development of territorology requires the overcoming of the dichotomy between determinist and constructivist approaches, in order to advance towards a general science of territory and territorial phenomena. Insights for this task can come from at least four main threads of research: biology, zooethology […]

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The Wall & The City

published by professionaldreamers ISBN 978-88-904295-0-7

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Pour une territoriologie du droit

dans Patrick Forest (sous la direction de) Géographie du droit. Épistémologies, développements et perspectives. Québec: Presses de l’Université Laval, pp. 239-260. .

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Territori migranti

Spazio e controllo della mobilità globale published by ombre corte pp. 185, € 16,50, isbn 978-88-95366-39-5 Download full book in pdf : Brighenti 2009 Territori migranti

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Degustare vino

Osservazioni sociologiche

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