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The adventurer, in a word, treats the incalculable element in life in the way we ordinarily treat only what we think is by definition calculable. (For this reason, the philosopher is the adventurer of the spirit. He makes the hopeless, but not therefore meaningless, attempt to form into conceptual knowledge an attitude of the soul, its mood toward itself, the world, God. He treats this insoluble problem as if it were soluble.)

Georg Simmel

Punk is magic

‘…and those people who believe in the hairstyle, they call ‘em punk, and if you want to know the truth then I am really a punk. I’m a punk. I’m out of control and I can’t be controlled, if I want to spit here I spit here, if I want to piss there I piss there, anything I want to do I do it. Punk is magic.’

Lee Scratch Perry