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Comparing what? Conceptualizing comparison in ethnographic research

OUT NOW – Special Issue of Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa XII: 2 Comparing what? Conceptualizing comparison in ethnographic research  – Edited by Andrea Mubi Brighenti, Nicholas DeMaria Harney Introduction (pdf)  

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Book review: “Drift” by Jeff Ferrell


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Atmospheres of retail and the asceticism of civilized consumption (with Mattias Kärrholm)

Nout out in Geographica Helvetica –

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An interview with Elijah Anderson

From the iconic ghetto to the cosmopolitan and beyond (with Chiara Bassetti) Interview now published in Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa  

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L’etnografia e i sensi: una riflessione preliminare

Introduzione al monografico su “L’etnografia e i sensi”, Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa, n.1/2016   Brighenti -2016-L’etnografia e i sensi

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Early morning – As the city wakes up

lo Squaderno 32, co-edited with Mattias Karrholm & Mariasole Ariot

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La dimensione aurale. Nota per un’urbanistica sensoriale

or, listening carefully to the asphalt… Now published in Studi Culturali, 1, 2013. Full text here.

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Asian sleeps

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Visual, Visible, Ethnographic

The paper explores visibility as a category to describe certain characteristics of the social that can be observed by ethnographers. The field of visibility spans the most immediate interactions that take place in a situated context and mediated social relations. Visibility offers a useful comparative tool to research because very different practices can be compared […]

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