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Teoria Sociale. Un percorso introduttivo

OUT NOW! cover-estesa qui (pdf)

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Lund Creativity Conference 2019

A couple of more pictures fom my Keynote Address…

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Contribution to an intensiology of the public domain

A Keynote Address at the Urban Creativity Conference, Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art, Lund, Sweden. May 17, 2019, 3pm . This talk interrogates the nature of the urban public domain by specifically attending the intensities and the phases it generates. A comprehensive view on the phenomenon of publicness, it is suggested, is required […]

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Urban Animals – Domestic, Stray and Wild

Urban Animals—Domestic, Stray, and Wild Notes from a Bear Repopulation Project in the Alps by Andrea Mubi Brighenti & Andrea Pavoni Finally OUT in Society & Animals Abstract. This piece explores ‘domesticity’ as a social territory defined by the relationship it entertains with the conceptual and material space of ‘the wild’. The leading research […]

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Book Review – “Cities Contested” Edited by Martin Baumeister, Bruno Bonomo & Dieter Schott

Cities Contested. Urban Politics, Heritage, and Social Movements in Italy and West Germany in the 1970s Available here:

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Il valore dello spazio pubblico. Qualche declinazione giuridica, politica ed economica

Una relazione al seminario Giustizia, architettura, diritti. Visioni e pratiche della città contemporanea, Napoli, 29 aprile 2016.

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The Public and the Common: Some Approximations of Their Contemporary Articulation

Critical Inquiry Vol. 42, No. 2 (Winter 2016), pp. 306-328 also here

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Il senso del convivere. Lo spazio pubblico nella società contemporanea

Un incontro con Franco Rella, Alberto Winterle e me – 11 novembre 2015 Video : short | long + info

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The Unsettling Visibility of Public Space — Public Lecture

Lecture @ The Summer School in Urban Ethnography. Recording available here.

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A walk in Tallinn

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Ἐνα-δυο Πράγματα που Ἐμαθα για τον Σεβασμό Χάρη στους Γραφιτάδεϛ [One or Two Things I’ve Learnt about Respect, thanks to Graffiti Writers]

published in “No Respect” Exhibition Catalogue. Curated by Marilena V. Karra. Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, 2014. Greek/English version

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Urban Interstices: The Aesthetics and the Politics of the In-between

Introduction Book available at : Fulltext also here A couple of reviews published in : Urban Research & Practice and IJURR

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konfFRONTIERt Symposium – Bologna

I’m joining the konfFRONTIERt Symposium organized by Fabiola Naldi and Claudio Musso in Bologna next week. It’s all about street art, graffiti, urban visibilities, and the governance of public places. Here is the programme |

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Early morning in Venice

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Roundtable | Entre renaissance citoyenne et transparence politique

I’ve been invited at a roundtable at Les Rencontres d’Averroès (Marseille), titled “Entre renaissance citoyenne et transparence politique. Révolution numérique ou contrôle des libertés ?” More details here : * The debate has also been recently broadcasted at the French National Radio Franceculture :’heure-du-numerique-12-2012-12-11 Posted also on YouTube:

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Asian sleeps

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Review of “The new spaces of consumption”

(picture credit: Mattias Kärrholm) a book by Mattias Kärrholm

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Visualising the riverbank

(co-authored with Cristina Mattiucci) ‘Visualising the riverbank’, in  City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, Volume 16, Numbers 1-2, 1 April 2012 , pp. 221-234 Abstract Drawing on ethnographic observation of a tract of urban riverbank in the city of Trento, in northern Italy, we attempt to link phenomenological observation of social […]

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A workshop | Öffentlichkeit und Gemeinschaftlichkeit messen / Misurare pubblico e comune

Symbolische Aktionen für unsere Gegenwart Azioni simboliche per il nostro presente Jederland presents Fr, ve 02.12.2011 // h 15-17.30 // Lungomare Bozen-Bolzano Öffentlichkeit und Gemeinschaftlichkeit messen Misurare pubblico e comune Workshop mit, con Andrea Mubi Brighenti (Soziologe, sociologo) & Pierangelo Schiera (Staatshistoriker und Politikwissenschaftler / storico dello stato e politologo)

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Pubblico e comune: un’approssimazione alla loro articolazione contemporanea

in Scienza & Politica, 44/2011 Disponibile qui:

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New Media and Urban Motilities: A Territoriologic Point of View

Urban Studies April 12, 2011 doi: 10.1177/0042098011400771 Abstract. The paper aims to contribute to the study of new media technologies in urban environments. It unfolds at two levels, epistemological and substantive. First, it discusses the issue of the conceptual tools that we can deploy to understand new media, arguing in favour of notions and methods […]

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The Publicness of Public Space

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