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Hannah Arendt

Cannot keep to myself the joy of discovering this document :   Hannah Arendt Zur Person – Full Interview with English subtitles

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Review of Farzaneh Haghighi “Is the Tehran Bazaar Dead? Foucault, politics, and architecture”

  Brighenti 2020 review Haghighi

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Vertical Vision and Atmocultural Navigation. Notes on emerging Urban Scopic Regimes (with Andrea Pavoni)

Forthcoming in Visual Studies Abstract. This paper analyses vertical vision by tracing its possible genealogy and exploring the forms it takes in the contemporary city. In the first section, vertical vision is situated in the context of its cosmographic tenets. In the second section, the critique of verticality is complemented by a topological approach where […]

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Urban Animals – Shifting Ecologies of Proximities : Special Issue Completed!

Andrea’s and  my introduction ‘Situating urban animals – a theoretical framework’ has now been published: The Special Issue ‘Urban Animals – Shifting Ecologies of Proximities’ is now complete! Bundled here.  

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Animated Lands. Studies in Territoriology

Animated Lands now announced as forthcoming at University of Nebraska Press: + info |

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Teoria Sociale. Un percorso introduttivo

OUT NOW! cover-estesa qui (pdf)

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Urban Phases: Crystallisation

  Paper at TCS Philosophy & Literature Conference 2019, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria, May 29th – June 2nd, 2019 Now published in City, Culture and Society   Abstract An analysis of the city through its crystallising processes is here proposed. Because crystallisation involves phase transition, a review of the latter, as well of the notion of […]

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Robert Smithson, Geophilosopher  PDF Version

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The Visibility of Perception. On the Experience of Urban Environments

              A lecture and seminar at Lecture : Seminar :

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Comparing what? Conceptualizing comparison in ethnographic research

OUT NOW – Special Issue of Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa XII: 2 Comparing what? Conceptualizing comparison in ethnographic research  – Edited by Andrea Mubi Brighenti, Nicholas DeMaria Harney Introduction (pdf)  

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On my way towards The Tag Conference

Will be my pleasure to join Javier Abarca and the other fellows at Programme here

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Face & The City

Now Out in Body & Society Abstract. This piece sets out an exploration of the relations between the city, the body, and the face, seeking to understand in particular how the city and the face could be articulated with reference to an image of the body. It is suggested that the face and the city […]

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Special issue: Theorising measures, rankings and metrics

Now out at: Featuring : Measurements and their limits – Editorial David Jaclin, Peter Wagner Umwelt-measures. On extensive and intensive measures: Introduction to the special issue ‘Theorising measures, rankings and metrics’ Andrea Mubi Brighenti Ethical dimensions of quantification Wendy Espeland, Vincent Yung Commensuration, compromises and critical capacities: Wage determination in collective firms Nina Pohler […]

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Le aree alpine interne come interstizi urbani: appunti da una ricerca in corso

con Cristina Mattiucci Now Published in Tracce Urbane – Abstract ITA: A partire da un focus sulle aree interne dell’Euregio (regione transfrontaliera Tirolo, Alto Adige e Trentino), in questo articolo proponiamo un’interpretazione dell’abitare i territori montani marginali come “interstizi”. Descriviamo anzitutto alcuni processi socio-spaziali osservati in situ, presentando alcune realtà sociali complesse, i cui […]

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Where do we come from, where do we go – New Playlist

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Umwelt-measures. On extensive and intensive measures

Introduction to the special issue ‘Theorising measures, rankings and metrics’ Now published: The whole Special Issue is due to appear soon…

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Lund Creativity Conference 2019

A couple of more pictures fom my Keynote Address…

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Contribution to an intensiology of the public domain

A Keynote Address at the Urban Creativity Conference, Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art, Lund, Sweden. May 17, 2019, 3pm . This talk interrogates the nature of the urban public domain by specifically attending the intensities and the phases it generates. A comprehensive view on the phenomenon of publicness, it is suggested, is required […]

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Umwelt: esplorare il mondo ambiente

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New Playlist – Dakar to Djibouti

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The Wanderer

“He who has attained to only some degree of freedom of mind cannot feel other than a wanderer on the earth – though not as a traveller to a final destination: for this destination does not exist. But he will watch and observe and keep his eyes open to see what is really going on […]

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Astral Body

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Melencolia IX

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Transizioni Territori no.5 – Cineforum

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Urban Phases: Crystallisation

  An analysis of the city through its crystallising processes is here proposed. Because crystallisation involves phase transition, a review of the latter, as well of the notion of phase in its relation to order, is first submitted. Then the question is posed: Can we suggest that cities have phases? What would it imply to […]

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