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Urban Animals – Domestic, Stray and Wild

Notes from a bear repopulation project in the Alps by Andrea Mubi Brighenti & Andrea Pavoni Forthcoming in Society & Animals Abstract. This piece explores ‘domesticity’ as a social territory defined by the relationship it entertains with the conceptual and material space of ‘the wild’. The leading research question can be framed as follows: do […]

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Three Presents (with Mattias Kärrholm)

On the multi-temporality of territorial production and the gift from John Soane Published in Time & Society Abstract Territoriality has primarily been seen as a spatial rather than temporal phenomenon. In this paper, we want to investigate how time functions in territorialising processes. In particular, we are attracted by the multi-temporality that is co-present in […]

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Domestic Territories and the Little Humans (with Mattias Kärrholm)

Understanding the Animation of Domesticity Forthcoming in Space & Culture   Abstract. Domesticity is a complex, multifaceted phenomenon. In this piece, we approach it from the point of view of a general theory of territories. To do so, we attempt to tackle simultaneously the ecological and spiritual dimensions of home by attending the expressive dimension […]

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Social Camouflage: Functions, Logic, Paradoxes (with Alessandro Castelli)

Now published in Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory Abstract. Camouflage is usually understood as a type of deceitful communication strategy in the animal and human domains. In this piece, we invite scholars to consider how the phenomenon of camouflage, while certainly grounded in antagonism and selection, might exceed its strategic meaning. Using the case of […]

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Cineforum TRANSIZIONI TERRITORI / 2 I tempi dei villaggi e delle città al cinema

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Visibilità e spazio pubblico – Città di muri e città di schermi

Lezione al Corso di dottorato in Scienze sociali, Università di Padova 5 aprile 2016 – h. 14-17 – Sala Specchi – Via Cesarotti 10/12 – Padova

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Urban Interstices

now on googlebooks: Also here: and here: urban-interstices    

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Graffiti, Street Art and the Divergent Synthesis of Place Valorisation in Contemporary Urbanism

A chapter recently appeared in the Routledge Handbook of Graffiti and Street Art, Edited by J.I. Ross. Also on Googlebooks & here

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Climbing the City – On the Corporeality of the Urban (with Andrea Pavoni)

  Abstract. Over the last couple of decades, urban sports have been studied – as well as, in many cases, celebrated – as critical forms of using urban space. Urban climbing, a practice also known as ‘buildering’, ‘structuring’, and ‘stegophilia’, has been much explored in this vein. While we acknowledge the importance of the theoretical […]

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Far-casa migrante: soglie del domestico, comune e pubblico

Un intervento a Tracce Urbane, con Paolo Boccagni Sessione 3- Casa e città: pratiche dell’abitare e processi di home-making nella vita quotidiana Venerdì 11 dicembre 2015, Politecnico di Milano

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Warming up for camouflage

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The ground before the battle (con Cristina Mattiucci)

Now published in Massimiliano Guareschi, Federico Rahola, Forme della città. Sociologia dell’urbanizzazione. Prima del conflitto, i territori danno segni. Sono segni dei desideri e delle paure condivise, forse anche segni di insorgenze latenti, a venire, sedimentati in quelle che viviamo come “esperienze urbane”. Una pagina nota di Furio Jesi racconta come dʼimprovviso si possa rivivere […]

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(MU) at Ozu’s grave

So many years after I first watched Wim Wender’s Tokyo Ga, I myself could pay respect to the great Yasujirō Ozu at Kita-Kamakura. My mu is his mu. I was there with my love in a sunny day in the blossoming season.  

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Border Regimes & New Territorial Formations

Wednesday 20th May 2015, 6.00 pm Institute for Architectural Theory, University of Innsbruck

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Muri e città

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Notre vie locale… (Vous êtes ici)

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Ancient ways…

Ancient ways… from andrea mubi brighenti on Vimeo.

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Territorio qualsiasi (intro)

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Mobilizing territories, territorializing mobilities

Brighenti-2014-Mobilizing territories, territorializing mobilities OUT NOW at  

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Memory & Desire

An old track from 2005…

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Teoria dei territori

Disponibile qui:

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Two old papers on Dogville & Manderlay by Lars von Trier

2008: (with Alessandro Castelli) “Fondamenti. Da Dogville a Manderlay”, in Pierpaolo Antonello (ed.) La violenza allo specchio. Massa (I): Transeuropa, pp. 121-137. Also in English: “Foundations: Dogville to Manderlay” 2006: “Dogville, or, the Dirty Birth of Law”. Thesis Eleven, no. 87(1): 96-111.

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La dimensione aurale. Nota per un’urbanistica sensoriale

or, listening carefully to the asphalt… Now published in Studi Culturali, 1, 2013. Full text here.

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Graffiti and Place Value

A speech I’m delivering at: Street Art in the Changing City: Theoretical Perspectives – Moscow, June 7–8, 2013 – In a sense, both graffiti and street art share humble origins. While the first emerged as an essential expressive form of disadvantaged inner city youth in the late 1960s, the second originated from a more […]

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Remarks for a Territoriology of Wine Tasting

Published in Non Liquet [The Westminster Online Working Papers] – Law and the Senses Series – No.1, Taste Brighenti-wine-tasting (pdf excerpt version)

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