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The social life of measures

Now published in Theory, Culture & Society Abstract Issues of measure and measurement, and their relation to value and values, are of concern in several major threads in contemporary social theory and social research. In this paper, the notion of ‘measure-value environments’ is introduced as a theoretical lens through which the life of measures can […]

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Expressive Measures: An Ecology of the Public Domain

Published in Graffiti and Street Art. Reading, Writing and Representing the City. Edited by Konstantinos Avramidis, Myrto Tsilimpounidi. London: Routledge, 2017. Paginated pdf version

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Beyond Rhythmanalysis (with Mattias Kärrholm)

Abstract. The recent, rich scholarship on rhythms proves that rhythmanalysis is extremely important and helpful as a sensitising attitude and a research technique. Despite its increasing recognition, rhythmanalysis has not yet become a proper science as its proponents had hoped. In this article we argue that rhythmanalysis could benefit from being further developed and integrated […]

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Domestic to Wild, and Back: on Urban Animals

Andrea Mubi Brighenti & Andrea Pavoni 2016 Abstract. This piece explores ‘domesticity’ as a social territory defined by the relationship it entertains with the conceptual and material space of ‘the wild’. The leading research question can be framed as follows: do these two spaces stand in opposition to each other, or are more subtle relations […]

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Il valore dello spazio pubblico. Qualche declinazione giuridica, politica ed economica

Una relazione al seminario Giustizia, architettura, diritti. Visioni e pratiche della città contemporanea, Napoli, 29 aprile 2016.

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Visibilità e spazio pubblico – Città di muri e città di schermi

Lezione al Corso di dottorato in Scienze sociali, Università di Padova 5 aprile 2016 – h. 14-17 – Sala Specchi – Via Cesarotti 10/12 – Padova

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Urban Interstices

now on googlebooks: Also here: and here: urban-interstices    

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Graffiti, Street Art and the Divergent Synthesis of Place Valorisation in Contemporary Urbanism

A chapter recently appeared in the Routledge Handbook of Graffiti and Street Art, Edited by J.I. Ross. Also on Googlebooks & here

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Camouflage, or, the Temptation of Relationship

Published in membrana 1/16 – Magazine of Photography Brighenti_2016_camouflage,_or

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City of Unpleasant Feelings – Stress, Comfort and Animosity in Urban Life (with Andrea Pavoni)

Abstract. The image of the city as a stressful place is an evergreen topic. In this article we review the imagination of urban stress, starting from Simmel’s classic thesis that the modern city is an unavoidably psychic-stimulating environment potentially leading to stimuli overload. City dwellers are then supposed to counter stimuli overload with a series […]

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Climbing the City – On the Corporeality of the Urban (with Andrea Pavoni)

  Abstract. Over the last couple of decades, urban sports have been studied – as well as, in many cases, celebrated – as critical forms of using urban space. Urban climbing, a practice also known as ‘buildering’, ‘structuring’, and ‘stegophilia’, has been much explored in this vein. While we acknowledge the importance of the theoretical […]

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The Public and the Common: Some Approximations of Their Contemporary Articulation

Critical Inquiry Vol. 42, No. 2 (Winter 2016), pp. 306-328 also here

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Far-casa migrante: soglie del domestico, comune e pubblico

Un intervento a Tracce Urbane, con Paolo Boccagni Sessione 3- Casa e città: pratiche dell’abitare e processi di home-making nella vita quotidiana Venerdì 11 dicembre 2015, Politecnico di Milano

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Il senso del convivere. Lo spazio pubblico nella società contemporanea

Un incontro con Franco Rella, Alberto Winterle e me – 11 novembre 2015 Video : short | long + info

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The Unsettling Visibility of Public Space — Public Lecture

Lecture @ The Summer School in Urban Ethnography. Recording available here.

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A walk in Tallinn

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The ground before the battle (con Cristina Mattiucci)

Now published in Massimiliano Guareschi, Federico Rahola, Forme della città. Sociologia dell’urbanizzazione. Prima del conflitto, i territori danno segni. Sono segni dei desideri e delle paure condivise, forse anche segni di insorgenze latenti, a venire, sedimentati in quelle che viviamo come “esperienze urbane”. Una pagina nota di Furio Jesi racconta come dʼimprovviso si possa rivivere […]

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A nice review of « Urban Interstices »

The review is by Ella Harris (U. of London) and has been recently published in Urban Research & Practice. Here it is.

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Muri e città

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Conflitti urbani

Nucleo monografico di Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa, 2014,  no. 3  a cura di Andrea Mubi Brighenti, Federico Rahola Introduzione. L’etnografia tra le crepe Numero disponibile su

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Notre vie locale… (Vous êtes ici)

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Ancient ways…

Ancient ways… from andrea mubi brighenti on Vimeo.

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A walk in Melbourne

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Tempi e ritmi della citta

Una lezione nel contesto di Pensa trasversale, Percorso di orientamento all’Universita per studenti dell’ultimo anno delle scuole superiori

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Territorio qualsiasi (intro)

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