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Teoria Sociale. Un percorso introduttivo

OUT NOW! cover-estesa qui (pdf)

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Morphogenesis and Animistic Moments (with Mattias Kärrholm)

On social formation and territorial production NOW published in  Social Science Information –   Abstract. This piece explores the issues of morphogenesis and metamorphosis in socio-spatial formations and social assemblages. The specific key provided here to apprehend the issue of ‘form’ is what we propose to call the ‘animistic moment’ in form-taking processes. We […]

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The social life of measures

Now published in Theory, Culture & Society 35(1) Abstract Issues of measure and measurement, and their relation to value and values, are of concern in several major threads in contemporary social theory and social research. In this paper, the notion of ‘measure-value environments’ is introduced as a theoretical lens through which the life of […]

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The Visible: Element of the Social

Now Published in Frontiers in Sociology | Sociological Theory Abstract. In the context of a social-theoretical take on the link between social life and visibility, this paper invites to shift the focus from visibility phenomena to “the visible”. A theory of visibility, it is submitted, must be constructed as a theory of the medium. In […]

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La massa nella teoria sociologica classica e contemporanea / Crowds in classical and contemporary sociological theory

An essay from 2008, now freely available here –  

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The Reactive: Social Experiences of Surfaces and Depths

A speech I gave in Copenhagen @ Christian Borch’s Imitation conference. Recording available here.

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Imitation, Contagion, Suggestion: Rethinking the Social Conference at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 28–29 May 2015

+ info |

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lo Squaderno no. 33 | Crowded Spaces

co-edited with Christian Borch

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Discount flyers for “Visibility” and “The Ambiguous Multiplicities”

Discount flyer for Visibility in Social Theory and Social Research Discount flyer The Ambiguous Multiplicities

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The Ambiguous Multiplicities

Materials, Episteme and Politics of Cluttered Social Formations About This book proposes a historical-conceptual journey into the cluttered social formations that have remained outside of mainstream sociology. In particular, it reviews urban crowds, mediated publics, global masses, population, the sovereign people and the multitude and addresses the question: ‘What is the building block of the […]

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Scipio Sighele 1913-2013

Scipio Sighele, la psicologia delle folle e le origini della sociologia del ventesimo secolo Versione pubblicata:

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Social multiplicities: A Return on the Notion of Individual

A seminar I’m delivering on March 21st at Public Sphere, Crowd Sentiments and the Brain. A Public Lecture Series at Copenhagen Business School organized by Christian Borch, Thomas Z. Ramsøy and Stefan Schwarzkopf.

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Roundtable | Entre renaissance citoyenne et transparence politique

I’ve been invited at a roundtable at Les Rencontres d’Averroès (Marseille), titled “Entre renaissance citoyenne et transparence politique. Révolution numérique ou contrôle des libertés ?” More details here : * The debate has also been recently broadcasted at the French National Radio Franceculture :’heure-du-numerique-12-2012-12-11 Posted also on YouTube:

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Mille Plateaux – A reading Seminar

With Mariasole Ariot, I’m organising an independent reading seminar of Mille Plateaux / A Thousand Plateaus by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. + info :

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Review of “The Social after Gabriel Tarde” .

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Tarde, Canetti, and Deleuze on crowds and packs

Journal of Classical Sociology November 26, 2010 vol. 10 no. 4 291-314 Abstract A discussion of the works of Tarde, Canetti, and Deleuze reveals some common insights into a social epistemology that rejects both methodological individualism and methodological holism. In this respect, the debate on crowds in the last quarter of the nineteenth century […]

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Democracy and its visibilities

here – published in Haggerty, Kevin D. and Minas Samatas (eds.) Surveillance and Democracy. London: Routledge, pp. 51-68

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