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A Walk through Copenhagen

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Addictive Visibility: Some Thoughts on New Media Uses

I’ve been invited to deliver a lecture on Addictive Visibility at MAGIS – International Film Studies Spring School, Gorizia, 12-21 March 2013. More info at : Here is my abstract: What does visibility mean? How does it affect our life? What happens when visibility becomes addictive? These are the puzzles I would like to […]

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konfFRONTIERt Symposium – Bologna

I’m joining the konfFRONTIERt Symposium organized by Fabiola Naldi and Claudio Musso in Bologna next week. It’s all about street art, graffiti, urban visibilities, and the governance of public places. Here is the programme |

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Early morning in Venice

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A Walk through inner city Marseille

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Asian sleeps

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Visualising the riverbank

(co-authored with Cristina Mattiucci) ‘Visualising the riverbank’, in  City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, Volume 16, Numbers 1-2, 1 April 2012 , pp. 221-234 Abstract Drawing on ethnographic observation of a tract of urban riverbank in the city of Trento, in northern Italy, we attempt to link phenomenological observation of social […]

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A Walk through Ankara

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Street art, stencil art

A workshop @ Mart with orticanoodles & Lucamaleonte Flyer articolo

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L’arte di vedere

A week-end workshop with Klavdij Sluban, Silvia Mattei and myself. flyer articolo

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A snapshot from inner city Naples

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Le dormienti

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A Walk from Bobigny to Saint-Denis

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Des choses aux mots

(avec quelques allusions foucaldiennes évidentes) Available at:

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A walk in La Défense

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A Walk in Noisy-le-Grand

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Explorando os interstícios urbanos

(with Ricardo Campos) (eds.) Special Issue of Forum sociológico, no. 18 Pdf here : introducao

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At the Wall: Graffiti Writers, Urban Territoriality, and the Public Domain

Space and Culture, Vol. 13(3): 315-332, July 2010 . The article is based on an ethnographic observation of a crew of graffiti writers in the northeast of Italy. Extending some considerations emerging from the case study, the article advances a reflection on the territorial dimension of graffiti writing in urban environments and the relationship […]

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The Wall & The City

published by professionaldreamers ISBN 978-88-904295-0-7

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Visual, Visible, Ethnographic

The paper explores visibility as a category to describe certain characteristics of the social that can be observed by ethnographers. The field of visibility spans the most immediate interactions that take place in a situated context and mediated social relations. Visibility offers a useful comparative tool to research because very different practices can be compared […]

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