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A Walk through inner city Marseille

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Asian sleeps

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Visualising the riverbank

(co-authored with Cristina Mattiucci) ‘Visualising the riverbank’, in  City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, Volume 16, Numbers 1-2, 1 April 2012 , pp. 221-234 Abstract Drawing on ethnographic observation of a tract of urban riverbank in the city of Trento, in northern Italy, we attempt to link phenomenological observation of social […]

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A Walk through Ankara

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Street art, stencil art

A workshop @ Mart with orticanoodles & Lucamaleonte Flyer articolo

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L’arte di vedere

A week-end workshop with Klavdij Sluban, Silvia Mattei and myself. flyer articolo

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A snapshot from inner city Naples

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Le dormienti

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A Walk from Bobigny to Saint-Denis

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Des choses aux mots

(avec quelques allusions foucaldiennes évidentes) Available at:

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A walk in La Défense

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A Walk in Noisy-le-Grand

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Explorando os interstícios urbanos

(with Ricardo Campos) (eds.) Special Issue of Forum sociológico, no. 18 Pdf here : introducao

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At the Wall: Graffiti Writers, Urban Territoriality, and the Public Domain

Space and Culture, Vol. 13(3): 315-332, July 2010 . The article is based on an ethnographic observation of a crew of graffiti writers in the northeast of Italy. Extending some considerations emerging from the case study, the article advances a reflection on the territorial dimension of graffiti writing in urban environments and the relationship […]

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The Wall & The City

published by professionaldreamers ISBN 978-88-904295-0-7

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Visual, Visible, Ethnographic

The paper explores visibility as a category to describe certain characteristics of the social that can be observed by ethnographers. The field of visibility spans the most immediate interactions that take place in a situated context and mediated social relations. Visibility offers a useful comparative tool to research because very different practices can be compared […]

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