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Tempi e ritmi della citta

Una lezione nel contesto di Pensa trasversale, Percorso di orientamento all’Universita per studenti dell’ultimo anno delle scuole superiori

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Territorio qualsiasi (intro)

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Logistic time / evental time. Two notions for urban and architectural research

Lecture at the Seminar ‘Architecture: enduring, ephemeral, moving, dust’ Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Lund University, December 2, 2014     In this lecture, I would like to imagine some ways in which we may study temporality in the city and the built environment. In the first part, I present a […]

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Urban Verwertung. Conceptualizing the adventures of value in contemporary urbanism

A Keynote Speech to be delivered at Competing Urbanisms: The New Politics Of Public Space, 5 November 2014, University of Melbourne   The aim of this lecture is to puzzle about the creation and transformation of value in contemporary urban space. Far from being a mere correlate of economic processes, ‘value’ can be understood as […]

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A walk in Tōkyō

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Ἐνα-δυο Πράγματα που Ἐμαθα για τον Σεβασμό Χάρη στους Γραφιτάδεϛ [One or Two Things I’ve Learnt about Respect, thanks to Graffiti Writers]

published in “No Respect” Exhibition Catalogue. Curated by Marilena V. Karra. Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, 2014. Greek/English version

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Mobilizing territories, territorializing mobilities

Brighenti-2014-Mobilizing territories, territorializing mobilities OUT NOW at  

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Urban Interstices: exploring the folds of the city – Workshop

To be held at the International Summer School on Cultural Sociology – Memory, Culture & Identity 2014 – Brno University, June 18-19 . Presentation. What are urban interstices? What does it mean to explore the city through its folds? What sort of skills and sensibilities does the enterprise call for? This workshop is an attempt […]

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Early morning – As the city wakes up

lo Squaderno 32, co-edited with Mattias Karrholm & Mariasole Ariot

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Wunderkammer project – Opening

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Urban Interstices: The Aesthetics and the Politics of the In-between

Introduction Book available at : Fulltext also here A couple of reviews published in : Urban Research & Practice and IJURR

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A Walk in Brnó

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A Walk through Moscow

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La dimensione aurale. Nota per un’urbanistica sensoriale

or, listening carefully to the asphalt… Now published in Studi Culturali, 1, 2013. Full text here.

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Graffiti and Place Value

A speech I’m delivering at: Street Art in the Changing City: Theoretical Perspectives – Moscow, June 7–8, 2013 – In a sense, both graffiti and street art share humble origins. While the first emerged as an essential expressive form of disadvantaged inner city youth in the late 1960s, the second originated from a more […]

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A Territoriology of Graffiti Writing

Picture credit: DADO * Puzzling about the territorialities of wall writing & environs: A Territoriology of Graffiti Writing. – NEW : Paginated Version Here Written for FRONTIER La linea dello stile / The Line of Style, edited by Fabiola Naldi & Claudio Musso, Damiani Editore, 2013.

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L’osservazione etnografica

In Adriano Cancelllieri e Giuseppe Scandurra (a cura di) Tracce Urbane. Milano, Angeli, 2012. Due versioni: Impaginato e con immagini (ma senza riferimenti) Non impaginato (ma con i riferimenti giusti)

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A Walk through Copenhagen

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konfFRONTIERt Symposium – Bologna

I’m joining the konfFRONTIERt Symposium organized by Fabiola Naldi and Claudio Musso in Bologna next week. It’s all about street art, graffiti, urban visibilities, and the governance of public places. Here is the programme |

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“Visibility and Urban Life” Seminar

Organized by Giuliana Costa @ Politecnico di Milano, with Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Mattias Kärrholm, and myself. On January 31st, 2013

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Early morning in Venice

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A Walk through inner city Marseille

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Asian sleeps

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Visualising the riverbank

(co-authored with Cristina Mattiucci) ‘Visualising the riverbank’, in  City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, Volume 16, Numbers 1-2, 1 April 2012 , pp. 221-234 Abstract Drawing on ethnographic observation of a tract of urban riverbank in the city of Trento, in northern Italy, we attempt to link phenomenological observation of social […]

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A Walk through Ankara

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